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CendyneNaga2022-05-01 16:50:17 UTC
Node 18 is out, when will AWS Lambda natively support this?
Three years from now probably.
CendyneNaga2022-05-01 16:47:43 UTC
More likely avoiding a large legal expenditure, even though web scraping has been declared legal
CendyneNaga2022-05-01 16:43:49 UTC
Yeah.. it no longer serves its purpose
CendyneNaga2022-04-30 18:59:43 UTC
Oh no,
FelisRandomis2022-04-30 02:00:44 UTC

Sticker comm for @CendyneNaga
RuntyInk2022-04-30 00:26:22 UTC

10 Cendyne Telegram Stickers - For @CendyneNaga on Twitter

More can be found on my website at

All my art is streamed on Discord!

#furryart #furry #anthroart #anthro #lugia #naga #telegram #telegramstickers #art #commission
CendyneNaga2022-04-30 00:25:32 UTC

kyhwana2022-04-29 23:28:27 UTC
*us-east-1 goes down*
CendyneNaga2022-04-29 14:46:03 UTC
Any new local laws?
sagitz_2022-04-28 13:00:54 UTC

This is the regex that we found in pg_ident.conf that our CN must match to successfully authenticate. Can you spot the bug?

The regex ends with a wildcard! will match regex and therefore will let us authenticate! (9/n)
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