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CendyneNaga2022-04-28 05:41:34 UTC
Did you expense the valve
ariadneconill2022-04-28 04:32:23 UTC
though ive had hotel housekeepers tuck my stuffed bunny into bed and thats kinda cute
Nican2022-04-28 02:23:02 UTC
I keep watching my tool go around the different twitter spheres. First it was furry, then crypto, then economists/scientists/academia, and now due to @shoe0nhead, I am getting into the Youtube-sphere.

I will try my luck at making my own video about the project later.
CendyneNaga2022-04-28 00:26:11 UTC
CendyneNaga2022-04-27 21:44:43 UTC

Do you really nee 99 marketing cookies
0xAmit2022-04-27 19:47:30 UTC

The Tesla "open chargeport" signal is replayable with the flipper zero
GBBranstetter2022-04-27 19:19:19 UTC

I wonder why queer teenagers would need to protect their privacy
CendyneNaga2022-04-27 13:56:36 UTC
Im just this little tiny bubble in there too
CendyneNaga2022-04-27 05:21:06 UTC

Pleeeeease don't add ligatures like this to monospace
it's f and i, not (U+FB01)
RyGoesPOP2022-04-26 20:26:19 UTC
Well, there goes Waluigi's chances to being a Fighter.

But who would be those replacements for Mario and the rest? Crash? Akira Howard? Isaac? Another Fire Emblem character? Spyro? Or perhaps someone within Generation III of Pokemon.
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