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CendyneNaga2022-04-25 19:14:09 UTC
Twitter bought musk
CendyneNaga2022-04-25 18:56:07 UTC
It happened
CendyneNaga2022-04-24 06:21:44 UTC

Another light novel done. Theres like 12 more in Japanese but I dont have that language skill
CendyneNaga2022-04-24 03:17:42 UTC
Is so smol
CendyneNaga2022-04-24 02:51:56 UTC
I made a short url server that runs under 3MB of RAM
The tricky part? Going from 0,1,..9, to 00 instead of 10. So I wrote my own "symbol" incrementing code.
HugoThePinkCat2022-04-22 21:45:47 UTC
zackfreedman2022-04-22 17:27:13 UTC

Scan it. Scan it scan it scan it scan it
Bluehasia2022-04-22 17:13:07 UTC
How far off you think we are till we go, 64 gigs of ram is not enough for the avg user.
jdebbiel2022-04-21 23:46:12 UTC

craving 90s forbidden fruit
CendyneNaga2022-04-20 04:48:29 UTC
No more socialist teeth
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