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CendyneNaga2022-04-20 04:47:30 UTC
Many familiar snoots
CendyneNaga2022-04-20 04:07:01 UTC
First time going to the office for work work since the pandemic started.
I feel like I'm packing for a convention the night before.
bobcesca_go2022-04-20 02:13:55 UTC

More like this please.
sunset_sergal2022-04-18 12:35:28 UTC
I went from average nLite Win7 ricer to average Gentoo enjoyer almost entirely because of Minecraft
mattblaze2022-04-17 04:03:14 UTC
They're going to be REALLY mad when they find out that computer science students have required courses that study critical race condition theory.

School board meetings will likely end in deadlock.
SwiftOnSecurity2022-04-17 03:57:24 UTC
CendyneNaga2022-04-17 03:56:51 UTC

I am not the one
FelisRandomis2022-04-16 21:56:03 UTC

Colored sketch for @CendyneNaga
CendyneNaga2022-04-16 06:02:05 UTC

CendyneNaga2022-04-16 05:00:50 UTC
I hand drew a QR code 3 times today, do not recommend
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