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SwiftOnSecurity2022-04-15 16:37:13 UTC
In Microsoft announcing this technique in their security blog I was immensely disappointed there was no reference to the Windows engineering team working to implement a fix. I don't want passivity get it done you're on the same team.
CendyneNaga2022-04-14 04:52:22 UTC
CendyneNaga2022-04-14 04:51:40 UTC

I feel like Im drawing morphisms
CendyneNaga2022-04-14 04:41:58 UTC
Do you ever just feel depressed because SQLite doesnt have alter table with foreign keys, so a complex migration has to be written again
CendyneNaga2022-04-13 19:58:58 UTC

Gankra_2022-04-13 19:56:09 UTC
A Good PR
rombik_su2022-04-13 17:30:06 UTC

TIL that a lot of heatsinks are made with a process called 'skiving', which basically means 'scraping' fins out of the base material.

I always thought they were milled or extruded!

Original video:
kaleochu2022-04-13 11:00:57 UTC

happy neil banging out the tunes day
CendyneNaga2022-04-13 03:03:49 UTC
Archive tweet in case
CendyneNaga2022-04-13 03:03:14 UTC
I still love how absolutely wrong this is.
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